Q.  What is a Surety Bond?

A.  A written agreement, between the Surety and the Court, that ensures the appearance of the defendant to any and all court dates.

Q.  Are bond premiums refundable?

A.  No, the bond premum is nonrefundable for any reason other than if we do not post the bond. This is how a bonding company makes its revenues.

Q.  Is the bond premium 10% for all bonds?

A.  No, the ten percent comes into effect on bonds 5,000 and above that are in county and do not pose a high risk.  Smaller bonds are higher percentages.

Q. When do I go to court?

A.  You receive the first courtdate for misdemeanors from the jail upon release.  On felonies, you must first be indicted.  Once you are indicted you will receive the court date from your bondsman.  All courtdates after initial setting will come from your bondsman.

Q.  What is an indictment?

A.  An indictment is a decision by the Grand Jury of that County to proceed with the case.  The case has been accepted.

Q.  What is an Indemnity Agreement?

A.  An indemnity agreement is a contractual agreement between a third party and the surety, where the indemnitor agrees to pay all costs and fees if the defendant fails to appear in court and/or fails to pay entire premium.

Q.  What are the requirements of Indemnitors/Cosigners?

A.  Must be U.S. citizen, they must be employed, and can not be a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend.  The length of employment and salary will decide how much the person is eligible to cosign for.



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